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I have been witness to watch my two daughters; Claire and Madeline grow within the Hidden Talents family since 2009.  I cannot begin to tell you how instrumental this program has been to their personal growth, self-respect, confidence, discipline and love for music and the theatre.  Hidden Talents is not only a program but a family and the children, of all ages, bond, respect and mentor each other.


I am so thankful that my daughters and other children have an opportunity to experience music, theatre arts, and dance in a safe and respectful environment.  Carrie Beauchamp has provided opportunities for many children.  The Hidden Talents program will plant seeds in your children of friendship, self-assurance while they find their “Hidden Talents”.


The Hidden Talents Company focuses on bringing out the BEST in your child. It is a wonderful opportunity and we are happy that we have been part of this.


Thank you Carrie and all of the Hidden Talents team for the love, vision and passion you have instilled with not only Claire and Madeline, but all of the children that have gone through this AWESOME program!


                                                                                                                                                              Carla, Claire and Madeline Tillapaugh

 My daughter, Claire, has participated in 2 Nightingale shows, a Glee production and Hidden Talents camp. Claire enjoys working with Carrie and her team immensely! Since her first Nightingales experience, Claire's confidence and comfort level on stage have noticeably improved. Claire appreciates Carrie's ability to balance making the practises fun for the kids with inspiring them to work hard and maintain focus. The finished product is consistently spectacular and Claire is incredibly proud to be a part of it!                                                                                                                                                                              

Adelle Stewardson



With hidden talents my children have all grown in confidence. They have found a place where they feel comfortable and have made like minded friends. Carrie and her team have helped them to expand their singing and acting skills and given them a place to showcase their talents.  My kids have asked to miss days form other summer camps but NEVER want to miss a day with hidden talents.  I can think of no better investment in my children’s well-being than being part of such an amazing talented family that is Carrie Beauchamp and her team! Thank you again Carrie !                                                                    Mary O'Hora



Thank you for bringing an awesome group of talented and creative people together to inspire, teach and help our kids develop and grow their own talents and creative abilities.  You guys are amazing!!!  Thank you!!!                                                   Kim Graham



As a parent I feel such relief knowing there is a place like the Hidden Talents Camp offered by Carrie Beauchamp and her team for my children.  The camp helpers are always cheerful, and the environment is supportive, creative and lots of fun. The biggest testament is the excitement my daughter has at the anticipation of the camp, and the sadness she experiences when it is all over.  The 2nd summer she attended the camp she came home one day and declared "mom, I think I've found where I belong," making reference to the camp and all of the wonderful friends she has made since joining. As a mother, I am truly grateful for the positive role model and experience Carrie and her team have provided for my children.  I know they are safe, well taken care of, learning and growing as individuals in this camp. You can't put a price on the peace of mind it provides. Carrie has a unique way of commanding respect while ensuring everyone has fun, which is a great combination when leading a large group of children.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Laura Pageau


Everyone treats each other with respect. If you are new, older, younger, if you have a big role or little, everyone cares and treats you as an equal.                                                                                                                                      Claire (Student)


My daughter has attended the Tiny Hidden Talents camp for three years.  She enjoys it more and more each year…in fact she likes it so much she will be attending both weeks that will be offered in summer 2014.  THT’s allows her to explore all areas of the arts…drama, singing and dancing and make lots of new friends at the same time!  Carrie and all of the counselors that work with the kids are fun, outgoing and very engaged in all of the activities.  I can’t say enough what a wonderful camp this is and how much we look forward to many more summers with Hidden Talents.                                                  Kelly Murry Scott


 At Hidden Talents I felt a sense of belonging and it was a friendly, fun-loving environment where I was never afraid to be myself. Hidden Talents definitely helped shape who I am today. I made awesome friends that I stay in contact with outside of camp. Out of any summer camp I’ve gone to since I was little, Hidden Talents is the best by a landslide.                        Devin Howard (Student)


Through word of mouth after mentioning I needed daycare for the summer I was told about Hidden Talents from a friend who does theatre.  Honestly, when I looked into the program I was interested because I needed consistent summer "child care" and the price was right. However, that is not at all what Hidden Talents was or is for our family. After the first week all three of our children could not stop talking about how much fun they had each day, I had never seen them so excited about the same activity. By the end of the program we were able to attend their first performance. Like any parent I was excited to see my child on stage but expected to be watching an okay performance put on by some children having fun. WRONG!!!! I was so impressed with the professionalism and talent of the opening show my husband and I not only attended the following days afternoon performance and evening performance.  That was three summers ago and each year I am more and more in awe of the caliber of show Hidden Talents puts together in such a short time. This will be my children's fourth year attending. They are already talking about how excited they are to see their friends from last year and trying to guess what this year’s theme will be.  I love the fact that my children love attending but the added bonus is how far they have come in opening up. Before Hidden Talents two of the three were very shy now they all have increased their confidence and love performing.                                                   Jaime Codling-Kabat


All, three of my children have been lucky enough to have been a part of THT. I enjoyed hearing my children practicing their songs after camp and I loved their excitement about the many incentives. Most of all I loved the confidence that Carrie and her talented young mentors brought out in my children especially for the final performance. I would highly recommended both the THT and the HT Programs.                                                                                                                                                                         Lori Barbato


"I like going to Hidden Talents and making more friends. I enjoy how we all work together to put on an awesome show for people to come watch. We learn singing, dancing and acting; something we don't always learn to that level at school!"

                                                                                                                                                                                            Cadence (Student)


 I thought I’d let you know that Kristina just loved her week with you and your helpers! You really helped her shine!Thanks for providing such a wonderful experience spent on summer vacation.                                                                  Brenda Larsen


I don't even know where to start… makes me emotional just thinking about how I feel for all you do for all of us. Finding you and your Tiny HT's has been the most incredible thing that has happened to and for Jaymie.  Being able to be part of such an amazing group that recognize all talent... is incredible.  Your ability to work with such young children and develop such an incredible show in only 5 or 6 days is a gift !   You have taught Jaymie so much over the years and we are all so lucky to have such an incredible role model in our child's life.  Jaymie struggles every day in school and to be able to do something that she truly loves and share with others has allowed her to find the confidence that needs and incredible opportunities that we are so thankful for.

Also, allowing older children the opportunity to assist you and grow as leaders is priceless - For Jaysea, although she is incredibly shy, you have given her an opportunity and it makes me very proud that she is being recognized by other parents. 

You are big steps to follow but you prove summer after summer that this is your passion and you showcase it thru our children!

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sheri Cowen


I just wanted to say that the show that was put on by the Tiny HT's exceeded our expectations by far.  I am extremely impressed with what you got a large group of 3-6 year olds to do in 6 days.  Unbelievable!  As for Hailee, she is quite talented at many things but she lacks confidence in herself.  She is only 5 and has over come this quite a bit in the last year, but it's a work in progress.  Thank you such much for the confidence and support that you had in her.  She had her ups and down through out the week but after the show she said "that was so much fun", and that's truly what we wanted.  We think that this is something that she would enjoy in the future; therefore, this experience set the tone.  I'm so glad that it was a positive experience.   Congratulations on a show well done!

                                                                                                                                                               Yours truly, Marcia McRoberts


Hidden Talents has been part of our family’s life for over 9 years.  My children started in the Tiny Hidden Talents at age 3, this is when the acting bug took over. It was and always will be a great opportunity to make new friends, build self-esteem and develop their artistic talents.  We knew after the first year of attending this camp that we would have to plan our future summer vacations around this wonderful adventure, as our girls would not want to miss out on the daily happenings.  My girls look forward to the next year of Hidden Talents camp starting in September, anticipating what role they will get to play.  There is never a question as to what we will do next summer, as the answer is always the same HIDDEN TALENTS!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Carol D’Andrea


I just wanted to thank-you for providing such a wonderful opportunity for my daughter Adrienna.  She loved the tiny hidden talents camp and has been reciting her opening lines to anyone willing to listen.  Her leader Jayce was terrific, very patient and helpful.  The show was adorable and we can’t wait for next year’s show.                                            Sincerely, Gina Di Sotto


When our only child was young (around age 6) she was being bullied at school for being different.  My daughter wore different clothes, she sang and danced all the time and she didn’t have many friends who did the same things.  When she turned 7, a friend of mine told me about Hidden Talents and invited me to sign her up.  It was the best thing my husband and I could have done for her.  There, she found and made friends with kids who were just like her.  They sang, danced and made up stories just like our little girl.  We couldn’t believe the difference in our child!  The acceptance from the other kids for our daughter was like a gift that no amount of money could buy.  She was happy, confident and she made so many friends. Fast forward 10 years later, and our daughter who is now a young lady, works for Hidden Talents and is still having the time of her life.  


I can honestly say that being a part of Hidden Talents changed our daughter’s path.  It has given her acceptance, strength, confidence and sense of belonging.                                                                                                                                    Jackie Daamen



Just a quick note to congratulate you and your amazing staff on another great Hidden Talents production this weekend.  Your ability to incorporate 90+ kids in a meaningful way is incredible and leaves us in awe every year.  Needless to say, Hidden Talents and the end of summer show has become a highlight of our summer.  Fayth & Mackenzie really enjoyed themselves this year and this enjoyment seems to increase every year.  The bonus after camp part was also very good!  


We very much appreciate you, your staff and all of your effort.  Regardless of what Fayth or Mackenzie end up doing in life, we know we will look back at Hidden Talents and appreciate the role it played in building confidence, self-esteem and a love for the Arts.  


                                                                        Thank you for all you do!                                                       Rob and Heather Kardas

What you do is wonderful for the kids!  Last year after Hidden Talents was over Adam said these words to me "Mom, thanks for getting me into Hidden Talents, I feel like I've changed, I'm different...I'm really happy."  So thank you, Carrie, for giving him that!  Still makes me teary when I think about it!                                                                                 Carol Williams 


"I like Hidden Talents because I am sort of shy and it helps me get better at stuff that I think I can be good at. I had one little line last year, 'You betcha' and for a shy kid, I was glad I had just one line. Now I think I could do more lines. I think it helps you get better at stuff for your future!  It helps you make more friends too and it a fun way to spend time in summer."     Kiara (8)Student 



 I want to take a minute of your time to Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You really do make a difference. Your passion for your work and dedication to your art shows every time I see you. You gave Alicia and Tayler a place to be free and safe and allowed them to find themselves. HT and Nightingales are such wonderful programs’s just great.

So Thank you again for all that you do and for all that you have done for my girls. We appreciate it more than you will ever know.

                                                                                                                                                             Deb and Doug, Alicia and Tayler Hartwick



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