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Staff 2019 HT.jpg

We are very fortunate to have an amazing team of teachers and assistants to ensure that your child is involved in a safe and fun summer theatre experience. A number of them have been involved in our programs for many years. They understand the process and how it feels to be a camper.  So many wish to be included in the camp even after they are too old to join, that the ratio of assistants to children for THT is 1:2 and HT 1:5. Before camp begins, much training and planning happens so that the teachers and assistants are aware of any camper's medical concerns, 

all safety procedures and our rehearsal goals. Together, as a team, we work to provide your child with a positive, exciting program that ends with an amazing production. Our 2022 Staff will be chosen soon.

Missing in 2019 Staff Photos: Elle Ferguson, Reece Adams, Natasha Hutson, Karissa Kern, Olivia Moscone Avery Maw, Amy Schmidt, Claire Stewardson, Maddy Arsenault, Joanna Schmidt, Elli Wighton, Alivia Goetz, Olivia Scott, Abby Thibodeau, Maddy Scott, Madeline Aitkin, 

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